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The Heart Attack Victim's Guide To Heart Healthy Nutrients

heart attackThere are few things in life that are as scary as a heart attack. It can feel like you’re drowning even as you draw a shaky breath; the pain can be intense and the panic response that your body automatically initiates is all but impossible to overcome. Even when you know what’s happening it can be little consolation given the often-fatal outcome of a heart attack when immediate medical attention isn’t available.  

For those who have suffered a heart attack know that an ounce of prevention is worth a hundred pounds of cure. If you have a family history of heart problems or are otherwise at risk of a cardiac arrest then avoiding the experience of a heart attack (or another heart attack) altogether is a primary goal when it comes to your exercise routine, your day-to-day behaviors, and of course, your nutrition.

The science is shifting somewhat when it comes to the foods you should avoid in order to keep your heart healthy, but there’s still a large amount of consensus when it comes to the dietary supplements you should be taking to support your heart’s health. Along with the diet and exercise regimen your doctor recommends, taking the right supplements can help you prevent future heart attacks, improve your heart’s overall functioning, and prolong your life while boosting your ability to enjoy it, too.

The Heart Supplements Your Heart Doctor Might Take

Omega-3 fatty acids have long been recognized as an important nutritional component in our diets for many reasons, and more recent research has made it clear that they play a vital role in your heart health, too. While these fatty acids have many effects throughout the body, most doctors recognize them as an important part of a full heart-healthy supplement plan, and they can enhance the effects of other more heart-specific supplements

Not all Omega-3 fatty acid supplements are the same, so be sure to do your research when selecting the Omega 3 brand you choose. Everything from the source of the fatty acids to the way they’re processed and encapsulated can affect how well they work, so read up and shop around.

heart supplementsYour cardiac specialist might also take niacin, magnesium, and Vitamin D3 to support their heart health, and many doctors recommend that their heart-conscious patients add these supplements to their daily regimen. Like Omega-3 fatty acids, these nutrients play an important role in many different functions throughout the body, and by supporting optimal health overall they also prevent your heart from working too hard or in less-than-ideal conditions. As important as these supplements can be for your heart and overall health, though, there’s one supplement that trumps them all for anyone who has suffered from a heart attack or is otherwise at a heightened risk of experiencing a future heart attack.

If you could only take one supplement to support your heart health, the medical community is in wide agreement that it needs to be coenzyme Q10.

CoQ10 Ubiquinol: Keeping Your Heart’s Best Interests at Heart

An antioxidant that is naturally produced by the body and essential to the proper functioning of every single cell, coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) helps fight free radicals and ensures that metabolic processes can be carried out correctly at a cellular level. This enzyme helps prevent heart attacks in the most fundamental way possible, ensuring that all cells have the energy and nutrients they need to do their jobs. 

Unfortunately, the amount of CoQ10 produced by the body decreases with age, and is also reduced by heart conditions (including previous heart attacks and other cardiac risk factors) and other health conditions. This can lead to a vicious cycle: low CoQ10 levels contribute to a heart attack, which further reduces your CoQ10 levels, which puts you at even greater risk for another heart attack, and so on.

Clearly, boosting your body’s natural CoQ10 levels with a nutritional supplement is an important part of maintaining heart health after a heart attack. But choosing the right CoQ10 supplement can be a little more confusing.

First, there are two types of CoQ10. There’s the primary coenzyme Q10 that your body produces initially, and there’s coenzyme Q10 ubiquinol—a reduced form of the coenzyme, and the one that your body actually puts to use in the cells of your heart and other organs. All CoQ10 has to be converted to the reduced ubiquinol form before your body can put it to use, and while this conversion is something your body naturally does, it’s ability to do so efficiently and effectively is reduced with age.

ATTN: Your CoQ10 Is OBSOLETE...Unless

If you’re past the age of 25 or so—as the majority of heart attack sufferers are—your body’s ability to both produce CoQ10 and to convert it to CoQ10 ubiquinol have probably been dramatically reduced.

Fortunately, you can purchase the already-reduced CoQ10 ubiquinol as a dietary supplement, and it will be far more beneficial than non-reduced CoQ10 (which is also available despite its reduced effectiveness). You also need to make sure that your CoQ10 ubiquinol supplement is prepared and delivered in an absorption-maximizing manner, though; some supplements use processes that make it difficult for your body to effectively access the coenzyme and put it to use.

Any doctor can tell you that a supplement is completely wasted if the nutrients it contains don’t make it where they need to go and end up as waste instead. High-absorption formulas are important for medications, vitamins, and supplements, and some companies are simply better at delivering on this necessary component than others.

Right now, you can get one of the best CoQ10 Ubiquinol supplements on the market for a remarkable 15% off—a price that might make your heart skip a beat if it wasn’t kept in such great health by this highly-absorptive, highly-concentrated, and highly-effective heart health aid. Simply place your order, get free shipping, then reap the rewards with years of heart health.

Avoiding another heart attack and promoting your heart’s health is worth pretty much any expense, but we don’t think you should have to pay an arm and a leg just to keep your heart pumping properly. Click on over and get right with your heart and your doctor right now.

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