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The Truth About Fish Oil Supplements

omega 3 fish oil supplementWe all know that Omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are one of the "good fats" we should be getting more of for our health and longevity. Many clinical studies show fish oil benefits for heart health, memory, focus, skin, joint, vision, weight management, mood enhancement, pain relief, reversing inflammation, and premature aging - just to name a few.
What you probably DIDN'T know is that the vast majority of fish oil supplements on the market today are marginally effective, hard to absorb and in many cases - a total waste of money. What's worst is it become dangerous if you ingest rancid fish oil!
Yes, it’s true, and in this article we’ll clearly show you the TRUTH behind fish oil.

1. Synthetic “Ethyl Ester” Fish Oil

First, most fish oil pills that you find in the store are in the ethyl-ester form, a synthetic form that’s been shown to be 3 times less absorbable than the natural triglyceride form found in wild fish you should be taking. Not only is fish oil in the ethyl-ester form hard to digest, it is easily oxidized and smells bad. Taking rancid fish oil wreaks havoc on your body by increasing the inflammation you're trying to fight in the first place! Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 brands of fish oil use the synthetic ethyl ester form because it’s cheap to produce. And the U.S government does not require companies to label what form of fish oil is in the bottle.

2. Poor Absorption

Beyond that, even with the natural triglyceride form of fish oil supplements, a high percentage of the Omega-3 fatty acids are lost to stomach acids during the digestion process, leaving only a small percentage of the oil you ingest to pass through to the small intestine and into the blood stream where it can be used by your body's cells.

3. Low Amounts of Omega 3s

Nearly all traditional fish oil products are way under-dosed, providing only a couple hundred milligrams of EPA and DHA per serving, while scientific studies show 10 times this amount per day is needed to see significant health benefits. This is especially true of krill oil supplements, which are even lower in EPA and DHA. This is assuming the amounts of EPA and DHA stated on the label are actually true. A new analysis suggests that some consumers may not always get what they are paying for.

The new research, carried out by a testing company called LabDoor, analyzed 30 top-selling fish oil supplements for levels of omega-3 fatty acids, a group of compounds with anti-inflammatory effects. It found that six of those products contained levels of omega-3s that were, on average, 30 percent less than stated on their labels.

The research found more problems when it looked specifically at levels of two particular omega-3s that are promoted for brain and heart health: docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). Tests showed that at least a dozen products contained DHA levels that were, on average, 14 percent less than listed on their packaging.

4. Excessive Contaminants

An earlier study performed by Consumer Lab—a leading watchdog of the supplement industry—examining 35 well-known fish oil brands, uncovered that 31.4% of the products contained excessive contaminants (PCBs) and/or false, misleading information and claims on their label.

5. Too Little DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

Almost all fish oil products contain much more EPA than DHA, while research shows higher levels of DHA provide the greatest health benefits, particularly with regard to heart heath, brain health, anti-aging properties, and even the fat loss effects of Omega-3 fatty acids. Why? Because it's cheaper for manufacturers to pump up the EPA. 

6. Unpleasant Fish Burps

If you’ve ever taken a fish oil supplement, then you’re probably all too familiar with the uncomfortable nature of “fish burps.” This is caused by fish oil not digesting well in the stomach. If the fish burps smell bad, that's because the oil has oxidized and gone bad.

7. Large Capsules

Almost all high-dosage omega 3 fish oil capsules are large "horse pills" and hard to swallow. In the case of fish oil - and given all the reasons above - "bigger" isn't better.

"So is there a fish oil supplement FREE of ALL of these issues to ensure you only get absorbable, pure and potent omega 3s with every capsule?"

A fish oil that: - Is in the natural triglyceride form - Is highly bioavailable - Contains high amounts of DHA Omega 3 fatty acids - Is fresh and free of contaminants like PCBs and mercury - Does not cause fish burps - Is Small and easy to swallow - Is wild-caught from sustainable sources?

The good news is that we've finally formulated an Omega-3 fish oil supplement that meets these criteria and provides even more inflammation-fighting benefits. See next page. Next Page







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