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How Diabetes Used To Be Treated Thousands of Years Ago

Millions of Americans have been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, and as many as ninety million more are considered pre-diabetic—showing signs of insulin resistance and uncontrollable blood sugar that could develop into full-blown diabetes. For all of these people, getting and keeping blood sugar under control is essential to prolonging and enjoying life. For a long time doctors in the Western world have depended on pharmaceuticals and patients' willpower to make it happen.

However, it’s still up to you to take medications with potentially serious side effects, and to avoid foods that have a tempting taste but that can cause a dangerous and even deadly blood sugar spike. Given the amount of carbohydrates in nearly everything we eat—carbohydrates that turn into glucose in the bloodstream—keeping your blood sugar in check is a difficult task that requires constant vigilance and unwavering willpower.

What if there was an easier way? A way that allowed you to manage your blood sugar in a more natural way, without pharmaceuticals and possibly even with a less restrictive diet? A way that prevented some of the sugars in the foods you eat from being absorbed by the body, meaning each meal caused a far less dramatic increase in glucose that your body could more easily process?

It turns out, such a way has existed for thousands of years, and Western medicine is just beginning to catch on.

The Ancient Wisdom of the Sugar Destroyer

There are many herbs, plants, and other substances used in ayurvedic medicine (traditional medicine from India) that Western medicine is "rediscovering." As scientific research continues to prove that very real benefits can be achieved with these ancient remedies, a growing number of doctors and patients are becoming newly empowered with their abilities to manage chronic illnesses.

Type II Diabetes is one such illness, and the leaves of the Gymnema sylvestre are one such ancient remedy.

This plant has been known to help treat and manage the symptoms of diabetes by Indian healers for literally thousands of years, and in fact the Hindi name for the plant, gurmar, translates literally as, "sugar destroyer." It's a name that perfectly describes the healing potential that the plant contains, and now scientists are beginning to understand how it works.

The leaves of the Gymnema sylvestre contain compounds called triterpenoid saponins—naturally-occurring molecules that essentially bond with sugar molecules and render them inert. This has a variety of effects that can be beneficial to those suffering from Type II diabetes, and even people with Type I diabetes have used this ayurvedic remedy to help manage their disorder, even before the causes behind diabetes were understood.

Traditionally, those suffering from diabetes would simply chew the raw leaves of the G. sylvestre plant before meals, releasing the saponin compounds into their mouth and eventually into their digestive system. When eating their actual meal, the sweet taste of foods was greatly diminished, an effect we now understand is a result of the saponins preventing sugar molecules from interacting with tastebuds. Diminishing the sweet taste of sugary foods made them far less palatable, and resisting temptation became a whole lot easier.

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Even when this was the only known benefit of the G. sylvestre leaves, it was enough to make the "sugar destroyer" a successful way to help people manage diabetes for thousands of years.

It turns out, though, that the sugar-blocking actions of the triterpenoid saponins continues well past the tastebuds. In the intestine itself, where nutrients from the food we eat are absorbed into the bloodstream, these compounds continue to work their magic. They can actually prevent some of the sugar in your food from crossing into your bloodstream, meaning you receive less of a glycemic load—a lower spike in your blood glucose—when these saponins are present as opposed to eating the same exact meal without any saponins around.

Foods that might have been unthinkable before can potentially be eaten in moderation, so not only will sweet foods become less attractive to you over time, but you might actually be able to slightly indulge every now and then without causing major health risks.

Even if the good news ended there, many would herald Gymnema sylvestre as a "miracle plant" when it comes to managing diabetes. Cutting down your sugar cravings and preventing some of the sugar you eat from ever reaching your bloodstream will help you resist temptation and help you handle a wider variety of foods with greater ease, making your Type II Diabetes far easier for you to manage—talk to your doctor, and you might even be able to ditch your medications!

But there's still more magic packed into these unassuming leaves.

A growing body of research suggests that, in addition to suppressing sugar's activity in your mouth and in your intestines, G. sylvestre extracts can help stimulate insulin production in the pancreas, which is your body's natural way of dealing with excess glucose in your bloodstream. As scientific investigations continue, this millennia-old diabetes treatment might prove to be even more effective than ancient healers knew.

The Increased Potency of G. Sylvestre Extract

While ancient remedies relied primarily on chewing the leaves of the Gymnema sylvestre, modern processing techniques allow for far more potent extracts to be prepared. Containing all of the beneficial compounds of the raw leaves but without the excess plant material, you get a supplement that is far more concentrated and powerful hat is still all-natural and completely safe.

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Are you ready to take control of your Type II Diabetes? Wouldn't you like to naturally reduce your sugar cravings and your sugar absorption, keeping your blood sugar more stable to the point that you might even be able to ditch your other medications? Try Gymnema Elite today, and take advantage of thousands of years of medical wisdom.


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